Ensure the preparation and usage of organic and chemical fertilizer in proper standards in order to increase the production productivity of the crops cultivated in Sri Lanka.

Evaluate the fertilizer requirement under scientific recommendations via engage in relevant stakeholders as per the provisions of Fertilizer Regularization Act, Fertilizer importation and stock control, ensure the distribution and sales of standard quality fertilizer, improve the environmental friendly fertilizer usage while using organic and chemical fertilizer, operate fertilizer subsidy schemes with the objective of increasing income of farmer’s community and take action to avoid irregularities in the fertilizer usage filed.   

Functions :

  • Proper implementation of Regulation of Fertilizer Act No. 68 of 1988
  • Identify the accurate fertilizer requirement under scientific recommendations
  • Provide fertilizer requirement on time and ensure the same
  • Ensure the standard and the quality of fertilizer
  • Regularize recommended fertilizer usage for each crop separately
  • Implement the Farmer Subsidy Cash Grant Programme properly
  • Strengthen the institutions in order to regularize activities that engaged in fertilizer related matters
  • Reduce irregularities in fertilizer usage and print and distribute publications on fertilizer
  • Maintain a database about all the aforesaid facts and exchange information